Indigenous Poultry

Indigenous Poultry

The institution’s Strategic Business units section introduced the Indigenous poultry section as a way of satisfying the communities’ need to improve their poultry breeds and increase their stocks depleted by new castle. The project was overwhelmingly welcomed by communities at provincial level and beyond. Our comprehensive product portfolio includes those stated below:

  • Selling indigenous chicken
  • Selling Day old chicks
  • Selling fertilized eggs
  • Poultry consultancy (Brooding, incubation, feeding, hatching diseases and control etc)
  • Market linkages (group marketing, exchange visits and contract farming etc)
  • After sale follow-up (Experience sharing and advisory)
  • Hatching services

We take pride in offering products of sound quality at competitive prices. We bring our first hand expertise to the market, supporting our product sales with technical specialists and wealth of tenured experience.



Breed purpose:                               meat and eggs

Egg size                                              medium

Egg productivity                               2 eggs every 3days

Origin                                                 South Africa

Breed Size                                       Medium



The indigenous poultry project engage in hatching services, sell of fertilized eggs to the community and chicks. We do have the technology to do the hatchery services .We sell day old road runner chicks within and outside Masvingo province on affordable prices. Our incubators can carry 4000 eggs at a given point. The Organisation sells good quality day old road runner chicks that have the capacity to grow and mature in line with their genetic potential.

Advantages of using our product

  • Our chickens are natural and are a best option for all those who are health conscious.
  • We use natural feed to feed our chicken, hence they grow naturally and free from fats and cancerous toxins.
  • They have a good taste of an original road runner.
  • The breeds are ideal for community farmers.
  • The project work in liaison with the department of Veterinary services to help in all the disease management aspects like carrying out all the due vaccinations from day 1 to the end of the cycle. The veterinary conducts all the necessary disease diagnosis, identification, treatment and control.

After Sale follow –up and Community projects Support

The project experts provide farmers with necessary skills and resources to enhance productivity for poverty alleviation. Through farmer training and empowerment programs and partnerships with NGO ,the Organisation is able to develop a demand driven and market oriented traditional poultry production.

  • All farmers who are to venture into free range poultry farming need to undergo training in the following areas:
  • Breeds and breed selection
  • Brooding techniques
  • Free range poultry nutrition
  • Poultry health and diseases management
  • Egg handling and storage
  • Farming as a business
  • Product processing and value addition
  • Market linkages and strategies
  • The section purchase small grains from community as well as supplying local farmers and schools with poultry manure.

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